For registration on Playshops and courses:


Cancellations or significant changes must be communicated by the customer as early as possible and solely in writing. If the customer withdraws completely or partially from the contract, Raw Vegan Love reserves the right to charge a handling fee without prior agreement. The resulting liability for damages includes agreed-upon services (rent, food, costs for third parties, etc.) under the contract (order confirmation, etc.), as well as administrative services provided, reduced by costs not incurred by the time of cancellation on the basis of the number of persons or the package that has been agreed upon. If the contract is cancelled by the customer without any fault on our part, we will charge the customer the following cancellation fees for the booked services:

– 60-21 days before the event: 25%

– 20-11 days before the event: 50%

– 10 – 4 days before the event: 70%

– 3 days until day of the event: 100%

These percentages will be based upon the estimated expected total revenue. Proof of minor damages remains with the customer, while proof of higher damages is reserved for Raw Vegan Love. If an event is carried out with us in the originally agreed scope within the same year, the customer will be credited 80% of the cancellation.

In this case of being hired for an external event, meaning not organized by Raw Vegan Love:

If Raw Vegan Love has reason to believe that the event might jeopardize the smooth operation of our security or our reputation, we are entitled at any time to cancel the reservation agreement without compensation or dissolvement. This is particularly the case if we are given false or incomplete information on the content and course of an event. It also applies to events which are not in accordance with the law.