What is Raw Food?

Raw food is food that is either unheated or heated below 118° F (about 47 celcius). When food is untreated or unheated it preserves enzymes and other vitamins that would otherwise be destroyed through heat. The reason we notice personally is that we notice an instant physical difference through feeling light, having more energy and easier digestion.

Is a raw food diet 100% raw?

Not necessarily. Many experts consider that if you eat 80% raw vegan then you’re considered a raw vegan. All of these are labels of course, it’s up to you to decide what works best. If you’re looking for just a title, that’s of course something else.

Do you recommend 100% raw vegan diet?

We don’t recommend a particular diet for anyone. We share our experiences and offer the experience of seeing what it feels like to eat raw food. We leave it up to you to decide for yourself what feels better for you. Everyone has their own path in life to follow.

Do you ever eat cooked food?

Yes, we eat a plant-based diet which consists of both raw and cooked vegan food. We are also 100% gluten-free.

Help! I got sick after eating this stuff!

It’s possible that you’re experiencing a raw food detox. This is normal for starting to eat raw because the body is expelling the toxins that have been built up for so long. In our experience, the more toxic your body is, the stronger the detox side effect you get. This can range from breaking out, high fevers and other symptoms. In our experience the detox can begin after 1 day of eating raw (or within the same day) and can last as long as a week or more. This is why we recommend a safe transition rather than switching completely right away. (Please note, we are not doctors or giving any medical advice and we or our information are not to be treated as such.)

Why do you include spirituality as part of your course or workshop curriculum?

For us spirituality isn’t something special or out of the ordinary, it’s something that is part of our everyday life. We are alive on this planet and having an experience moment to moment, that in itself is special in the scope of the universe. We all have a fantastic hidden ability to make changes in ourselves and in our world. The closer we get to who we are, the more positive change we can make with our own personal gifts. For us the idea of spirituality isn’t seeking outwardly, it’s seeking inwardly. When we find ourselves inside, we have a much better idea what to do outside. Through our experiences with eating plant based food, we have found a deeper connection to ourselves and our surroundings which has helped us connect better with who we are inside. That’s why we include the spiritual aspect in all our events and videos. For us and many others we’ve found that to even switch to a lighter food, we needed to first make changes in our outer world because we become more clear after eating this food. It becomes often much more challenging to be around certain people, jobs or other situations that would otherwise not affect us so much. Although this can be overwhelming at first, we’ve found it’s good in the long run because it helps us better realize and understand what direction we really want to go in our lives and what kind of people we want to spend time with.

Augh, I ate raw food while I was sick, and it didn’t help!

This can be different for everyone. For us when we aren’t feeling well, our bodies naturally crave fresh fruits and liquids. Raw vegan food is really something that will benefit your immune system long term, it’s not a quick fix that will suddenly cure you of your ailment. In fact it can even sometimes make it worse if you aren’t used to it, due to detox side effects. Regardless we suggest experimenting for yourself first to see how you feel while you’re already generally healthy to see the difference in feeling and energy. (Again we are not doctors and do not give medical advice. Please do not treat this information as such)

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