RVL Chocolate Play-shop Outline

Learn to:

  • Use Techniques to save time and make less mistakes. (Less mistakes means you save more money and chocolate.)
  • To make (non-dairy) Milk, white and dark chocolates.
  • How to make summer berry and fruit chocolates. (Like the tasty ones you see in the store.)
  • Differentiate different sugar alternatives such as Agave, Stevia and Xylitol in the culinary world.
  • Return to childhood innocence through creativity and fun in a highly supportive and Loving environment.

Become the next master chocolatier

For thousands of years chocolate has be utilized for health in many forms. Today most store bought chocolate barely consists of any chocolate at all. Checking the ingredients you’ll find them packed with fillers or tons of sugar. Through this course we will show you the powerful secrets of raw chocolate preparation. Enter the Raw Vegan Love Chocolate Course.

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