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    Nicolas and Jasmine Radcliffe

About Nicolas

Nicolas grew up in a partially vegetarian and health conscious family. At the start of every meal, his family always held hands and gave thanks for the food in front of them. Nicolas found that this moment of gratefulness for whatever reason made the food taste better in his mind, he enjoyed the food more in comparison to when he didn’t “give thanks”.

Taste is a big deal for Nicolas. He began learning about the taste of herbs and ingredients through his mothers “Taste Tests”, where he would either approve of a meal she made or suggested adding more of an ingredient in a meal: “This needs more Rosemary!” he would say. Because of this early training, Nicolas became a “Food Perfectionist”, never settling for an un-tasty dish.

Later he was introduced to Raw Food where he began to understand the difference in how much energy the food he ate would give him. The “Perfectionist” now incorporates energy as a factor in his meals.

Whether Raw or Cooked, food is a daily necessity and Nicolas continues to practice and apply his skills on plant-based meals and recipes for himself and his wife Jasmine every day. He continues the search for “The perfect 10/10” both taste wise and energy wise.

About Jasmine

Jasmine studied mathematics and theology and has currently completed one year of her master’s degree in science and religion. Her mother tells a story that when she was a toddler she always pushed meat from her plate and refused to drink cows milk. Jasmine was touring and giving lectures on sprouting and plant-based meals since high school. She started as a Vegetarian and later transitioned to vegan.

During several productive weeks of work, Jasmine ended up just eating fruits during lunch. One day a friend invited her for lunch where she had a sandwich, she suddenly had double vision and felt as if she drank alcohol or something. Afterward, she did some research and read some articles on raw foods and suddenly connected the dots that her recent productivity spike was the result of feeling more energized from the food she was eating. Since then she has advocated the importance of maintaining high energy to fuel purpose. Aside from Raw Food Jasmine was one of the first modern-day practitioners of screaming therapy and loves expressing herself through voice, dance and movement.

Nicolas and Jasmine also presented their raw dishes to two of South Africa’s most prestigious 5 star hotels.

The Mount Nelson Hotel and The Table Bay Resort.

The Tablebay

Luxury, like most everything else, is in the details. Just take a look at Cape Town’s Table Bay Hotel.

With their showy settings and beachy clientele, waterfront accommodations don’t always boast eye-catching architecture. Table Bay takes a decidedly different tack, occupying a charming neo-Victorian stunner that demands recognition.

Inside, nothing is overlooked, with butler service available to those whose needs extend beyond the purview of 24-hour room service. The hotel’s 329 rooms and suites offer all the amenities, including separate showers and universal socket adapters.

The Table Bay Hotel is attached to the Victoria and Alfred Shopping Center – home to 430,000 sq. ft. of retail space – putting banks, boutiques, and cinemas at your doorstep. The on-site Atlantic Restaurant overlooks Table Mountain and the working inner harbor, serving grilled seafood alongside the finest South African Wines. A bar and lounge are also on the premises.

The Mount Nelson

Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel is a luxury hotel at the center of Cape Town in a garden estate overlooked by Table Mountain.”

“As you step through the grand entrance installed to welcome the Prince of Wales in 1925, history unfolds before you. Stroll gardens John Lennon once frequented to meditate. Hear how a young Winston Churchill deemed it a “most excellent establishment”. Sit at Nelson Mandela’s favorite table. To stay here is to be part of something special.”

Nicolas and Jasmine have appeared on television on several occasions in Europe as well as newspapers doing massive raw vegan and plant-based potlucks, seminars or personal interviews as plant-food embassadors.

Serbian National Television Prva TV

Nicolas and Jasmine interviewed on Serbian national television after an event.
Jasmine’s nickname in former YU is “Jasna Lovelsci”

TV Tuzla – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nicolas and Jasmine had a 17 minute interview on TV in Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Nicolas’s nickname in former Yugoslavia was Kalej.

Raw Vegan Love featured on a Serbian national health magazine ŽIVETI ZDRAVIJE