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Nutrition Plans

Raw Vegan food nutrition and food balancing

Weight Loss

Nicolas lost 40 pounds in 6 weeks when he switched to raw vegan meals

Mental Peace

Plant food gives you mental peace

Home training

We can come to your place and teach you hand on

Work/Life balance

When you have more energy, you can have a better work/life balance


Our classes include movement

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Giving Back

Nicolas and Jasmine Radcliffe, through their non-profit organization LoveLsTzy® Association, initiate and organize free Plant-Food events aka potlucks, where everyone brings some raw vegan delights or fresh fruits, veggies and nuts and we all eat together ^.^

A true guilt-free indulgence

Become a master chocolatier with this raw vegan and sugar free sweet satisfaction

Carobana Orange

“It started with adding coconut oil, dates and carob together. “Needs more freshness” one of us said, so we added some orange juice. “Needs more substance” another added. So we added some ripe bananas.
The rest is Rawstory.” -Omg Love Twin

The most important meal of the day

Top experts say that starting your day with something fresh can lead to a more balanced life style. You know that orange juice and other liquids pass through the body faster because they convert to energy sooner!

This Almo-Kale Changes Salad Definitions

You may think of salad as something light and empty. This Almo-Kale changes those definitions because Kale is one of the most nutrient rich and fibrous veggies in the world, not to mention it’s topped with our delicious orange almond dressing recipe.

Pizza Hors d’oeuvres!

Who would think that pizza can look so elegant? These bite sized snacks will be a hit at your next party. The best part is that no one needs to worry about calories or fiber because Golden Flax is our Golden Rule.

Orange Water

“Water is amazing with orange, drink to your heart’s content and it’s especially best to get organic whenever possible.” -Omg Love Twins

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